Before and After Pruning.

The House Built around a Tree.

They actually designed and built the house around the tree. When it started shedding limbs they realised their mistake. It took every trick in the book and the help of a 25 tonne crane to get it down without breaking any thing.




Tricky Torelliana

The previous owners of this property actually built their carport and shed around this tree. Eucalyptus torelliana although a nice tree with attractive green bark, it is not a suitable species to plant near buildings, because they grow in excess of 35 metres, they have an invasive root system, the branches are very brittle and tend to snap in high winds and they also shed a black sticky resin which is very hard if not impossible to clean off.



Due to the location of this tree on the junction of two busy roads and near the power lines it was not practical to use a cherry picker or crane.


The tree was growing directly over the car port, shed and 2 fences with no landing zone do drop the branches or logs.

To overcome these obstacles we had to use advanced rigging and roping techniques, lowering every individual branch and log.


Using this system we took down the tree without causing any damage whatsoever much to the delight of our grateful customer.