We offer a complete arboricultural service. Here are some example of what we can do for you.


There are many reasons why we prune trees. Usually to achieve the following aims:


  • To benefit the trees health.
  • Make them safe and reduce the risk to people and property.
  • To allow more light into the house or garden.
  • To reduce leaves and debris building up in gutters and pools.
  • To improve the aesthetics of the tree.
  • To encourage fruit or flowers.
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These aims can be achieved by a number of different techniques


Reducing the crown: This is appropriate for some trees but not all.

Crown thinning: This involves removing crossing branches, diseased branches and the selected pruning of other branches to allow wind and light to pass easily through the canopy.

Selective pruning: Often a tree will just need one or two limbs removed for example a low branch over the drive way or pool or a branch growing towards your house.

Pruning of deadwood: This can often improve the look of the tree as well as making it safer for people and property.



Sometimes trees become hazardous or are planted in inappropriate spots and have to be removed. Often these trees are growing in hard to access locations or are growing over houses or buildings. That is no problem to us where ever the location we can remove the trees safely without causing any damage.


We can provide reports about trees health and on impact or potential impact of trees on buildings. We can also provide protection strategy for trees on building sites. Arbor Life also creates and implements proactive pruning programs.


If you have a pile of tree branches you want turned into mulch we have the machine. All the branches we cut are mulched. If you want to keep the mulch for your garden, you can for no extra cost.

There are many advantages to mulching your garden beds with forest mulch. It keeps the moisture in the soil. It suppresses weeds. It improves soil structure and texture. It attracts earthworms which in turn improves your soil again. It adds organic fertilizer. It also looks attractive. So if like me you are a lazy gardener throw away the hoe and spread some mulch around the garden.

When applying mulch it should be at least 6 inches thick. You should also make sure that you leave a little bit of space around the stem of the plant.

If you employ Arbor Life for any tree work you can retain the mulch from the job at no extra cost. So give us a call and start spreading some of that magic mulch!!



If you want the stump removed so you can build or replant over the top we have a powerful stump grinding machine that turns stumps into mulch and can grind down to 1 metre if required.