Toowoomba Tree Removal Services

Trees can provide shade and beauty, but do you know that they can also be a safety hazard if they are close to power lines or roads? At times, the roots can even destroy pipes and disrupt underground utility systems. So, it is important to clear trees in these areas.

Toowoomba Tree Removal Services

Another importance of clearing trees is for you to make your garden work like mowing the lawn and trimming bushes easier. It can also help you see more of your property, which is an added bonus for those who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or biking.

Toowoomba Tree Removal Services


Sometimes, trees also need to be cut down because of disease that may eventually cause it to die. When this happens, you may simply want to talk to a tree removal service provider in Toowoomba to help you.


What are the Common Tools Needed for Tree Removal

Many homeowners are unaware that there is a certain set of tools needed to fell, or cut down, trees. The most important type of tool for this job is the chainsaw.

Chainsaws can be either electric or gas powered and come in many different types depending on the size and type of tree being cut. A good saw should have safety features like an automatic chain oiler, blade guard, kickback bar and anti-vibration bars. It also needs to be sharpened before use so it doesn’t get stuck in the tree while cutting through its trunk. Other tools needed include the following:

  • Pulaski or hatchet
  • Axe
  • Sawbuck and wedges (for splitting larger logs)
  • Tree shears, loppers, and pruning saws for cutting branches
  • Chipper/shredder to turn small branches into mulch for the garden


Tips and Tricks for Successful Tree Removal

Tree protection laws in Toowoomba states that not all trees in your yard can easily be cut, unless the tree is dead or is dying. So, to be 100% sure you can legally cut a tree; it is best to consult this matter with tree removal experts.

Now that you are sure you’re tree can indeed be cut, you should follow these tips and tricks to ensure a success tree removal job in Toowoomba:

  1. If you are using a chainsaw, make sure to use ear protection and eye protection.
  2. Start by cutting down the tree’s trunk with a hacksaw.
  3. Cut off branches that are too close to nearby trees or power lines for safety.
  4. Use a chainsaw to cut through limbs and smaller trunks if needed
  5. Remove any large pieces of wood from your yard before they rot and attract pests like termites or beetles
  6. Dispose of all logs in an appropriate manner.
  7. Clean up your yard after cutting the tree down – remove fallen branches, leaves, etc… so you don’t create more work for yourself later on when it’s time to fertilize your lawn again.


Why Hire a Professional Tree Removal Service Provider in Toowoomba

If you need to get rid of trees on your property, it is important that you hire professionals. Tree removal isn’t an easy job and can be dangerous if done improperly. If you are not sure where to start or need help deciding what type of tree removal service in Toowoomba is best for your needs, contact us today.